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9:30am Spiritual Formation Class Options: 

Fall 2019:

Bridges Class
Room 215
The Bridges Class seeks to help people know and walk with Jesus as they live in a culture that is not their own.

The New Testament You Never Knew
Fellowship Hall

A video series by N.T. Wright and Michael Bird designed to help you know the history and background story behind the New Testament.

Room 216b
A course designed to “deepen your connection with God, His Church, and your purpose in the story He is writing through human history.”
*Also recommended for those who would like to join the church.

The Word/Gospel Project for Adults
Room 217
Taught concurrently with HHKids curriculum, this is a great opportunity for parents or anyone to engage Scripture in community.  This will help parents to more effectively discuss what their kids are learning in HHKids at the same time downstairs.