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Oct 9: The Whole Story- Redemption

Main Point: Jesus came to redefine who we are and how our story ends

Scripture: Luke 19:1-10

We are in week 3 of our series called ‘The Whole Story’, looking at the overarching narrative of the Bible. Last week we talked about how the good world that God created has gone bad, corrupted by brokenness that resulted from humans rebelling against God. Today, we will talk about redemption, and explore the encounter Jesus had with a despised tax collector named Zacchaeus. Through his encounter with Jesus, Zacchaeus becomes a new person with a redefined way of living.

Discussion Questions:

1) Zacchaeus was probably wrestling with feelings of guilt and being consumed with money. Do you feel like there are things you wrestle with? How do you manage this, and do you feel it’s effective? 

2) Why do you think Jesus chose Zacchaeus? Why not choose someone with a better reputation? 

3) Jesus offered Zacchaeus Salvation. What exactly was Zacchaeus given? 

4) Some people will argue that Jesus is the only one who can offer salvation. Do you agree or disagree with this? Why?

5) What motivated Zacchaeus to change? How does this apply to those who believe in Jesus?