Highly caffeinated church!

It's no secret that we love coffee at Huron Hills.

We often refer to ourselves as a "highly caffeinated church!" Over the past year, we've been growing in our ability to balance our love of the juice with our love of God's Creation. We've phased out styrofoam cups, and encouraged attenders to bring their own favorite mugs with them to church as a step away from disposable items. We've also created Huron Hills branded mugs so that there's always a cup here for you to use if you are a newcomer, or you forget.

Here's the best way for you to enjoy a cuppa here at HHC:

1. Bring your own mug.
(I keep mine in my car, give it a swish, and re-use it week after week.)
2. If an HHC branded mug stowed away home with you, bring it back for visitors to use.
(we wash them every week and have them ready for next week's visitors!)
3. Learn more about circular economy, and Christian ecology groups.
4. Join the Coffee Team
(we especially need input on how to source our coffee more responsibly!
email kurt@huronhills.org to get involved.)

Together, we can enjoy the fruits (and beans!) of God's Creation,
and protect them for years to come.