May Update: Keith & Grace McCune

Name: Keith & Grace McCune 

Location of service: Asia (Living in Philippines, with projects throughout Asia)   
How long connected with Huron Hills: Serving as members 1978­–1983. 
How long supported by Huron Hills: Your overseas partners since 1986. 
Current ministry: Bible translation consulting.  
How long in this most recent ministry: Ten years.  

What we do all day:  

Ÿ  Train mother-tongue translators toward greater excellence.  
Ÿ  Check translated Scriptures to make them more accurate, clear and natural.    

How this work moves people into a vital relationship with Christ:  

Ÿ  By placing revelation in the heart language, it shows God as Father and Christ as Immanuel.
Ÿ  Most of our projects aggressively re-express familiar Christian phrases in order to effectively reach out to the have-nots:  the unreached, unchurched and unschooled.  

Prayer requests: 

Ÿ  To help them trust Him in chaos and accomplish many tasks in too little time for their return to the Philippines in early June.  
Ÿ  To protect and strengthen Keith's parents in their recovery and rehab: his mom after a stroke just before Easter, and his dad after May 1 triple-bypass surgery.   
Ÿ  To richly bless a clan reunion honoring Keith's parents May 17–18. 
To give an encouraging last time together to Keith & Grace and their three kids with spouses and grandchildren, May 19–22.  
Ÿ  To give significant help to their translator-colleagues in a workshop for projects serving Buddhist groups, to be held in July.  
Ÿ  To guide them into good translation in their month-long workshop with two tribal projects in the Philippines in August.