Weekly Update, 12.1.14

Dear Huron Hills, 

ADVENT is here, and we are invited to make room for God, to get outside our limited point of view, and believe again that Jesus can make us new. It's so much bigger than a warm up for Christmas! So don't miss out on great devotional resources for the season. Check out the GroupLife table in the lobby! _____________________________________


1. Read the Assigned Texts for Advent (Week 2)
These texts are short excerpts that share themes, and show us the arc of God's story in Holy Scripture. 

2. The Old Testament texts show us God's vision for a world restored, healed and saved. They speak of our own deep yearning for renewal and rescue. Where do you need to see God work and redeem in your life?
Ask God to bring the life of "heaven" into your life on earth. Name your needs, own them before your heavenly Father. He loves you. 

3. The Gospel text from Matthew confronts us. John the Baptist demands we admit where we are part of the brokenness. It's not just outside us, or happening to us. We are being hurt, and we hurt others. 
Repentance is a total change of mind that reorders how you live your life. How can you cultivate "the fruit of repentance"? How can you cooperate with God as he works in you? 

4. The New Testament letter of Romans invites us to hope. God gives us endurance and encourages us to continue to live for him even as we wait to see "the kingdom of heaven". In fact, that kingdom shows up whenever we live for him. Paul connects the mindset of Jesus to the acceptance of Jesus. How can you share hope and healing with others as you accept them? Who do you need to forgive, and welcome back into your life? Who has God put in your life who is hurting and is desperate to experience the radical acceptance of God? 

5. End with this prayer:

Laboring God, 
with axe and winnowing fork
you clear a holy space
where hurt and destruction have no place, 
and a little child holds sway. 
Clear our lives of hatred and despair, 
sow seeds of joy and peace, 
that shoots of hope may spring forth
and we may live in harmony
with one another. Amen.


ULunch this Sunday!
College students, invite your friends and join us for ULunch on December 4 after the 11:00 service!

Christmas Story Night
Crafts! Stories! Carols! Hot Chocolate! Treats! Invite your friends and neighbors and join us at the Lodge for our annual Christmas story night, Wednesday, December 7 from 6-8 pm. Feel free to wear your pj's and bring a dessert to share! (Middle School will meet at main church building that night.)

Giving Trees 2016 (Nov. 27–Jan. 1) 
Our World Vision Giving Trees are back!
Our partnership with World Vision continues as we serve people in need! Trees are set up in the lobby and downstairs. Give gifts from the World Vision catalog and give the gift of hope, love and compassion. You can also become a monthly "Refugee Responder" and continue to support their work in Syria!

Christmas Eve (2 gatherings) & Christmas Day (no gatherings)
Christmas Eve has two gathering times again! 5:30 and 7. Both gatherings will be filled with carol singing, the story of Christmas, and lighting candles as we sing Silent Night. The 5:30pm gathering will feature HH Kids singing. Christmas Day we will NOT hold any gatherings. We're encouraging the people of Huron Hills to slow down and really connect with their families. A simple guide for home worship will be provided.


Don't forget how God has and is moving in the ministries of Huron Hills! You can learn more here.

Thank you to everyone who has given to support our current ministry budget! 
Our current $1.1M General Fund Budget has received $807,739 to date. 
This leaves $313,736 remaining.  

If you are thankful for the ministry and impact of Huron Hills, please prayerfully consider how you can help us meet this budget commitment. (Go HERE to give online.) We are trusting God for his continued provision and your continued partnership as we impact our communities and the world for the mission of Christ! 

See you Sunday! 

Pastor Nathan