Youth Position Search Update

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Dear Huron Hills, 

After reviewing multiple candidates with interviews and other on-site visits, we'll be hosting a new candidate this week (May 15-20) for the open HH Youth position. 

His name is Jeremy Stringer. He has worked in a variety of youth ministry environments, has his Masters of Social Work (Clinical), and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Christian Formation at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. 

Please pray for the success of this visit: 
Pray that the Spirit would give us clarity about a possible future with Jeremy on our staff team, that all involved would listen well, seek unity, and that God's will be done.

Also, pray for strength as every day of this week will be quite full for Jeremy. He'll be teaching mid-high youth group on Wednesday, and spending a lot of time with lots of different Huron Hills people every day. 

Here's some other background on Jeremy's candidacy:
After initial interviews with me, the Advisory Search Team members have interviewed Jeremy as well.
We have already seen Jeremy teach in our Sunday morning/evening youth venues. He's a capable teacher who cares deeply about connecting students with Jesus for a lifetime. He also connected with and served alongside our youth and youth leaders at that prior visit. 

Here's some information on our hiring process:
With respect to all staff appointments (except for hiring a Lead Pastor), we follow the processes outlined in our by-laws. By-laws Article 3, Sec. H states: 

H. Other Pastors and Church Staff:
Other Pastors and paid Church personnel shall be appointed by the Lead Pastor subject to Church Board approval.

Recognizing the sensitivity and importance of the youth ministry role, I requested that the board create an advisory search team to help further vet candidates that met my initial expectations in conversations around experience, HH culture fit, and theological alignment. 

The advisory search team consists of myself, Michael Hoffman (Church Board Chair), Cathy Galura (Church Board Rep.), Marcy Hires (parent), Chris Cristian (parent), Kurtis Rosen (youth ministry volunteer leader), and Brian Samuel (youth ministry volunteer leader). For a time Anna Mason (student-graduated in spring 2017) also served until leaving for college. Their work, input, insights and wisdom have been critical to this process. If you see them, thank them!

Here's some facts about this candidate week (May 15-20):
Jeremy will be spending time with board members, staff, parents, volunteer youth leaders, students and other members in a variety of settings (ex. dinners, interviews, "one on one", etc.). It's our hope to connect with him with the people who this ministry effects the most. 

This week is the "final stretch" on discerning Jeremy's candidacy with us. 
If the Spirit so leads, and my fellow board members approve, it's my hope that I can invite him to join our staff team. 

If you have any further questions about the search, this visit, or our candidate week activities, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, or any other member of the Advisory Search Team that you may already know.


One last word:

Never forget...

Huron Hills belongs to Jesus. 
He is the one who leads and guides us. 
We trust in him, his timing, and rest in the power of the Spirit. 

I believe The Father, Son and Spirit are moving and working at Huron Hills. 

I can't wait to see what they do next!

Pastor Nathan